Halifax and the surrounding communities were amalgamated as the Halifax Regional Municipality in 1996. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest urban centre in the Atlantic Provinces. In terms of neighbourhoods, Halifax mainland can be broken down into several distinct areas – the South End, the West End, the North End, and downtown.

The South End – also known as Halifax Peninsula has an abundance of historic properties with magnificent architecture. Close to hospitals, universities and the splendid Point Pleasant Park, the area is sought after, prosperous and comes with a high price tag. 

The West End – close to the downtown hub, this area is less pricey than the South End with tree-lined older residential streets offering a variety of housing types to choose from. The area is home to many students and low rent units.

The North End – is home to a thriving artistic community, trendy coffee shops and new eateries. It continues to be popular destination for Halifax’s growing University population. The North End has its fair share of crime and poverty, with many areas undergoing gentrification and new development. 

Downtown Halifax – close to all amenities, shopping, entertainment and attractions, living in the city centre has many advantages. Residential property consists primarily of apartments and condos built over the past 20+ years, however there are numerous development plans that aim to increase the population density of the downtown area

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