Dartmouth North Community Centre is a Community Centre in Albro Lake a neighbourhood in the north end of the community of Dartmouth in Nova Scotia’s Halifax Regional Municipality. Albro Lake is also known as District 9.

Southdale is a neighborhood located between Portland Street and Highway 111. Highway 111 is also known as the Highway of Heroes. Southdale has a wide-range of homes that range in price from 73 to 500,000 Canadian dollars. Small businesses are located along Portland Street and along Highway 111. The main geographic feature of Southdale is Maynard Lake.

Manor Park
The main streets that travel through the Manor Park section of Dartmouth are Celtic Drive and Portland Street. Manor Park is an upper-middle-class neighborhood that is the home of Oatmeal Lake and Dan Brownlee Park.

Chricton Park
Chricton Avenue and Woodland Avenue are the major streets through the Chricton area. It is a middle-class neighborhood that is home to Birch Cove Park, and Brightwood Park and Country Club borders the area. Banook Lake, which is one of the largest in the area, is located on the border of the Chricton community. This lake provides walking trails around it along with recreational opportunities throughout the year.

The Hawthorne area runs along either side of Hawthorne Street in the area where it meets Highway 7. This area is the home of Findley Community Centre Park and Hawthorne Elementary School. Although mainly a residential area, there are small businesses around the highway and its intersection with Hawthorne Street.

The Woodside neighborhood is home to several businesses and community institutions. Both Dartmouth General Hospital and Nova Scotia Hospital are located in the Woodside community. It is also home to Nova Scotia Community College. The Woodside Industrial Park area is home to many manufacturing businesses as well as service businesses.

Russell Lake
Russell Lake’s main roads are Baker Drive, Freshwater Trail and Mount Hope Avenue. Several new housing developments have been built in this area, and the area at the intersection of Mount Hope Avenue and Highway 111 is the home of the Millstone Square Commercial Area which is home to many shops and restaurants.

Portland Hills
Portland Hills is located along Portland Street. This area has many restaurants, banks, shops and entertainment opportunities. Morris Lake is the boundary of the neighborhood, and there are walking trails and parks along the lake.

Cole Harbour
Forest Hills Parkway is the main road through Cole Harbour. This area is noted for Cole Harbour Place which is a large aquatic center and skating facility that also provides fitness opportunities and classes. There is a large public library in the area as well as shops and single-family housing.

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